"Many positive things to say, but one essential component is this: In contrast to "canned" presentations, great speakers take the time to analyze who is in the room and WHY they are there. Putting themselves in the shoes of the audience allows them to tailor their presentations in order to truly DELIVER for the crowd. Marsha does this in spades."
~ Steve Broback, Founder, Tweethouse. The Parnassus Group

"Marsha ROCKS! OMG, the words, the presentation and her style is impeccable. Marsha delivers usable knowledge for business owners and teams that will improve top and bottom line results. Her topic on customer service and its importance to business is life changing. I am so glad I got a chance to meet her and call her friend. As a speaker myself it is always good to be inspired by others in our field, Marsha inspires! "
~ John Lawson, ColderIce Media

CES 2011 panel with Levar Burton, NASA (Stephanie Schierholz), Sony Playstation (Jeff Rubenstein) and Zappos (Thomas Knoll):

2012 Parallels Cloud Conference:
Portland State University Interview:

Webcom Montreal 2010:

2010 PayPal Developers Conference:

140conference London:

Singapore Expo Com

“I've had the privilege of working with Marsha Collier for the past year, to discuss strategies for delivering spectacular online and social customer service. In a foggy time of increasing complexity, Marsha's guidance has been a beacon of clarity. She understands the perfect way to help brands build a legacy of loyal, lifetime customers. From the underlying motivations of the buyer to the detailed brand responses, Marsha knows and shows how online customer service was, is and should be.

Marsha personifies the rare combination of top-tier expert AND approachable guide. These complementary gifts allow her to be both a gracious mentor to eager learners and a trusted advisor to industry experts.

There are precious few who care as deeply for customer advocacy and speak as powerfully and eloquently for change. I would heartily, robustly and earnestly recommend Marsha Collier for ANY customer-centric speaking, consulting or authoring engagement.”
Tristan Bishop, Sr. Principal Digital Strategist, Symantec

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