Make your online customers happy — and create new ones

After writing over 30 successful books on ecommerce, I learned there is nothing 'common" about the customer. Customers are the soul of business. Social media gives an unparalleled vehicle for connecting and engaging with an unlimited number of prospective buyers. Yet this vehicle is different than other, more impersonal forms. With social media, reps become part of their customers' lives. They handle complaints immediately. They grow their brands by involving themselves in communities.

My experience in retail, then ecommerce and eBay for the past 14 years shows me that 21st century marketing, based on community is the most efficient way to grow your customer base. As co-founder of Twitter's highly successful #custserv chat, I have seen companies who do it right - and those who don't.

The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide gives you the keys to authentic and engaged service to customers through social media. Using a blend of traditional and social media customer service case studies, and instructions on how to execute quality customer service, this book enables you to access the opportunities that social media presents as a means of serving customers.

* Authentically use social media to connect with customers to boost your bottom line
* Attract new customers through your online presence
* Achieve higher Merchandise Sales with quality customer service

Social media gives you a new and growing realm to distinguish your business. Create a productive presence in this interactive space with The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide.

  • 2012 Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers
  • 2012 30 Best Female Bloggers
  • 2012 Small Business Book Awards: Startup Book Category,Starting an eBay Business For Dummies
  • 2012 The 100 Most Powerful Women On Twitter
  • 2011 Forbes Top 10 Women Social Media Influencers
  • 2011 PeerIndex #1 Customer Experience Online Influencers
  • Top 25 Most Influential in Customer Service: MindTouch
  • 140 Characters Conference 2009 NOW Award Winner
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    Thank you for visiting my new book site. I'm adding review's and interviews as they happen. Please enjoy the newest by Guy Kawasaki in the American Express Open Forum.